Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Yseterday with Kit and McKenna

Yesterday my cousin, Kit, and her sister, McKenna, flew down from their home in CO to see us.
"Hi!" McKenna said. "It's been ages since we last saw you!"
"I'm so glad you could come and stay with us!" Chrissa gushed.  After everyone had had their fill of hugs, Chrissa and I helped McKenna and Kit bring their bags upstairs.
"Is everything OK, Chrissa?" I asked gently; because the almost birthday girl looked sad.
"Oh! I forgot something in the car." McKenna exclaimed. "I'll be right back."
"You don't think we would forget your presents, did you?" Kit laughed.
It was then that I noticed that Kit had broken her arm.  Chrissa did too.
"What happened to your arm?" Chrissa and I said at the same time.
"Knowing you, you probably broke it doing some crazy move." Chrissa laughed.
"I did, in fact.  Before dinner last week, I tried to do the Thirty-two Double Triple Flip on my bike.  When I was about to land it, McKenna yelled 'Dinner Time!' and I fell on my arm."  Kit explained.
"Good thing you had your helmet on." I said. "You are probably hungry after the long plane flight.  Come into the kitchen and I'll give you a snack."
There the talk moved to pets.
"Guess what?" McKenna said.
"I got a new dog! A Bernese Mountain dog, who I named Rocky."
"Awesome! I love dogs." Chrissa said.
"McKenna and I brought our American Girl dolls.  Do you want to play with them?" Kit asked.
"Yes!" Chrissa said.
"That sounds great." I agreed.
"Do you like the pony tail I put in Mackenzie's hair?" McKenna asked.

 "Look! Ruthie is doing a handstand!" Kit said.

"I wish I had Felicty" Chrissa said. "Not that I don't like Nellie, but Felicty is so pretty.  And she has long hair."
Little did Chrissa know that her wish would come true today...

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