Thursday, May 2, 2013

Camping Disaster Part One

Hello lovely viewers!  I'm going to tell you part one of our camping disaster, now that we have the pictures.  Taffy flew out Friday morning. (Thank goodness!)  On Saturday we flew up to Innerstar University to spend some time with Julie.  We arrived there at around noon, and Julie came to pick us up from the airport.  Then we all decided to go camping.  Let's just say that Julie isn't a happy camper....

"Ugh, why did we have to go camping!" She said when she stepped on some gunk.
"I am so glad we got to go in the lovely sunshine! Isn't this exciting?""  I exclaimed. 
"Exciting? Yes. Lovely? NO!"  Julie said. "Lets just go back to my dorm!!!!" 
 "I am enjoying this, Julie!" Elizabeth said.  "Besides, it's good to get some fresh air."
Then Elizabeth went to check on Sugar(her dog) and I went to get some more logs for the fire.  When I got back, Julie was nowhere to be found.
"Elizabeth, where is Julie?" I asked.
"Wasn't she with you?"
"No," I said, " I thought she was here at the camp with you!"
"We must find her!" Elizabeth said with determination.
"She can't have gone far..."

Stay tuned for part two!

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