Saturday, February 15, 2014

The New Outfits from American Girl: What We Think (Two)

 Hi all!  American Girl has revealed new outfits, so it's time for Elizabeth and I to do a review!
You see, last time we did a post like this, (click here) it was one of our most popular posts, so Chrissa and I decided to do this every time American Girl releases new outfits.
Basically, a new series!  Okay, we'll start off with the historical outfits:
 When I saw this, my first thought was "My cousin Kit would never wear this."  =)
I do like the dress, but not enough to buy the whole $64 set.
This is a nice set over all, but not exactly practical.
 No comment.
If I lived in Seattle or something, this raincoat would be very useful, but here in Florida I wouldn't wear it much.
This isn't really my style.

All the color is lovely, but, again, not really something I would wear.
I love how bright and colorful this is!  Pink, blue, green and yellow are a cute combination.
I would consider this an ensemble that is in the middle- I don't like it, but I don't dislike it.
What Elizabeth said.

I don't love it as much as Chrissa does, of all the new outfits, it is my favorite.
That's what we think.  What about you?

(All opinions are our own.  We are in no way afflicted with American Girl.)


  1. Kit's dress is cute, but I wouldn't buy it. I like the dress itself in Rebecca's school play set, but I'm not about to buy that entire set just for the dress. About the Jingle dress, as you said: no comment. The Rainy day outfit is probably my favorite. I could really use it! I think the Floral swim outfit and gear are a little to much for me I mean, I don't even swim very much! The thing I like best about the Happy Birthday outfit is the shoes. The outfit itself is a little to much birthday for me. The double bow dress is cute, but not amazingly cute in my opinion. Talk to you later! Libby

  2. While Kaya's jingle dress of today is a fabulous idea and addition to her isn't quite right. Definitely needed a bit more research to get this regalia to be a must have. the history and tradition of the jingle dancers is wonderful - I was really looking forward to having this when I heard it was coming out, but not so sure now after seeing it.

    Mattel has completely forgotten what life was like during The Great Depression. I've said it before and I'll say it again...Kit has too many fancy outfits.

    The Happy Birthday outfit is cute. I'd like to have it so I can mix it up with the one I already have...and I'm thrilled they brought back the tiara.

  3. Chrissa and Elizabeth,
    I like "Kit's candy making Set", I think that it's fun and simple.
    I also think that the "Rainy Day Outfit" is adorable!
    I like that the "Double Bow Dress" is also pretty.
    Thanks for posting about all the new American Girl outfits!!!


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