Thursday, February 6, 2014

Five Ways to Use Seashells

 Hi all!  If you've ever been to the beach, it's likely that you'll pick up some seashells.  Then, when you bring them home, you're like "What 'shell' I do with these?"
I have your answer!  Here are five different ways to use those cute beach souvenirs!
 1. Jewelry!  I was inspired by the necklace (on left) that my cousin, Marie-Grace, made for Elizabeth, so I tried making some seashell jewelry myself!
 Do you see how all these shells have natural little holes?  They're important, because that's how you'll hang them on string.

Shells are a great fashion accessory!
 2. Frames!  You can place the shells in or around the frames.  I did both, as you can see.
Whether you hang them on a wall or sit them in a bookshelf, seashell frames look awesome!
 3. Under a glass table!  My mom loves the whole "beach house" theme, so she's the one who had this and the next two ideas.
 4. On you table!
 5. As a soap dish!  If you can find a shell large enough, that is.
Now you're ready to dig those forgotten shells out of you closet and put them to use!
How do you use seashells?


  1. What fun ideas! I'll be sure to try some the next time I go to the beach! Libby P.S. Thanks for FINALLY wearing that necklace. I was almost convinced you wouldn't.

  2. My grandparents live on the beach near us, we have plenty of shells! But, Washington beaches tend to be mostly rock. I love what you did with yours!

  3. These are awesome ideas. We read Coastal Living magazine and I think your ideas would be a neat article for them. :)

  4. I LOVE this!
    Every summer we go to The Outer Banks, and I collect seashells but I always think "What shall I do with these?"
    Now I can go in my doll room and forget the cold Pennsylvanian winter!

  5. Great ideas! My favourite thing to do with shells is hang them on a string and tie them round my neck, and sometimes I pretend to be a mermaid!

  6. That's really cute! I try to avoid picking up natural souvenirs (I believe in the "take only pictures and leave only footprints" philosophy), but your seashell decorations look really nice.


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