Saturday, February 22, 2014

Outfit Design, Part One...

 Hi all!  This cloudy afternoon, Elizabeth and I decided to draw the kind of outfit we would like to make with the fabric we bought. (
 So, my sister and I got out our pens and crayons, and started sketching!
"What do you think you're going to use that blue zebra fabric for?" Elizabeth asked.
"Well, maybe a tunic of some sort ... with a belt ..." I replied vaguely, concentrating on my paper and coloring it in.
 "What are you using your fabric for?" I inquired back.
"A gray coat."
 Here's my finished picture ...
 ... and here's Elizabeth's.  Now that we know what we want to create, Elizabeth is ready to start sewing (because I don't know how)!  For the sewing and finished results, stay tuned for part two...
Do you like designing clothes?


  1. Pretty designs! Elizabeth's cape looks very LOTR/Hobbit remisant ;) Is it bad that the first things I think of when I see capes is hobbits, Legolas, and LOTR in general?

    1. I wouldn't say so, Juliet. Since Elizabeth kind of looks like a LOTR elf, with her long blond hair and all, I think it's not surprising!

  2. Cool post!!! I love to design clothes! :)


  3. I haven't tried it, but it looks fun! Libby


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