Monday, February 3, 2014

Heart Braid Tutorial

 Hello, lovely readers!  Since it is quite rare that Chrissa or I do a hairstyle post, I thought that, for Valentine's day, I would show you a style my sister and I love ...
 ... the Heart Braid.
 You will need a...

  • ... hairbrush
  • ... squirt bottle (or some other means to lightly wet hair)
  • ... small clip
  • .. and a hairband.

1. Make sure your friend's hair is free of tangles, is parted down the middle, and lightly mist it.
 2. Take a tiny piece of hair near the back, and start to braid, taking small bits of hair from the left (or next to the scalp).
 3. When you approach her forehead, make a sharp turn and continue down her face-line.  Stop pulling hair into the braid a little bit above the ear.
 4. Proceed to braid normally.
5. Put a clip or a hairband on the end to ensure the braid does not unravel.
 6. Copy steps 2-5 on the opposite side.
 7. Gather both braids in clip/hairband.
8. You're done!  Enjoy! 
 How do you like to do your hair? 


  1. That is super cute! Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. This is absolutely adorable! Great idea!

  3. I LOVE this style! I do it on my friends all the time :) Looks great on you and Chrissa <3

  4. That is really cool and so very unique! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Cute style Elizabeth.
    ~Melody from TN

  6. Really cute! Marie said she'd like to try it for you-know-what-holiday-coming-up! What a mouthful! Okay, better be going! Have my own blog to attend to. Libby

  7. Love the hairdo. Totally going to do that style soon. Happy Valentine's day, Saltys.
    Melody and Alexis from TN

  8. Very pretty hairstyle!


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