Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Salty Flashback: Sugar

 Well, it's the last day of our Dog Week.  Chrissa and I have had so much fun posting about our dogs, and no doubt Sugar and Chocolate Chip have loved the attention!  My final post is, as promised, the first ever Salty Flashback.  How did we get this whole flashback thing anyway?  I'll explain...
 Last week, I was cleaning out our closet.  On the very bottom shelf  I found a forgotten box.
"I thought I'd lost this forever!" I said excitedly.  "Sugar!"  My sweet dog came running.  She cocked her head as if to say, "Yes? What is it?"
 "Do you remember these?"  I asked Sugar, taking a tiny doggie coat out of the box.  She gave an excited yap as if to say yes.
 "All your old dog coats that Nana sewed for you!"
 "Hmm... I wonder if I have any pictures of you in these little coats." I said, more to myself than Sugar.  As it turns out, I did.  You can see them below.

In a teapot...
 On a shelf...
  ... Even in the Landry basket!
Which picture do you like the best?  My personal favorite is this one in our pink Landry tub.

 My puppy is all grown up now, but she's just as loveable as ever.
 P.S. TODAY is the LAST DAY to enter our contest!


  1. That teapot one is so cute! Sugar is such a sweet doggy. :)
    Rebecca and Kirsten

  2. Oh how cute! Those pups grow up soo fast! My little six month sweetheart was so little when we first got her!


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