Saturday, August 10, 2013

What We Did July 27- August 6

Hi all!  It's so nice to be home!  Isn't that picture of me amazing?  Elizabeth captured it on our vacation. So what have we been doing?! you ask.  Well, here's your answer.  July 27 and 28 we were mostly just driving.   We went into Glacier National Park on the 29th.   It is so pretty.
The 30th we drove more, and July 31 we spent a day in Spokane, WA.
The first day of the new month, August 1st, we mostly drove, then arrived in Packwood,WA...
...And stayed in a cute, rustic lodge.
When we went into Mount Rainier National Park on August 2, it was kind of foggy.  But look at the beautiful view on this postcard I picked up!
On the 3 Elizabeth and I excitedly went to the American Girl Store in Seattle, and we got to eat dessert in the Cafe!
August  4th we went sightseeing in Seattle.

 The next day, we walked to the Pike Market.  And rode on Ferry.
Elizabeth and I packed on the 5th, and flew back home to Florida on the 6th.
And that's what Elizabeth and I did July 27- August 6th.


  1. looks fun. looking forward to the AG store report! you girls are so positive and awesome!!


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