Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dog Week: Reader Photo Contest

 Ever since Chrissa and I started this blog, I have wanted to have a photo contest.  So, we are very excited to present... The Salty's first Reader Photo contest, "My Dog and I"!  

To enter your photo, follow these instructions

    1. Take a picture of your dog and yourself doing something together, like playing, traveling, reading... you could do anything!
    2. To make our job easier, please resize your photos to 540 pixels wide.  This is easy to do using a free editor like picmonkey.com or ipiccy.com.
    3. Save your file as your first name and the date – for example – name-aug14
    4. Email your photo to thesaltysdollblog@gmail.com
    5. Put “Dog Week Reader Photo Entry” in the subject line.
    6. Make sure you include your name and a description for your photos
    7. Chrissa and I will update THIS post with your entry. 
    There will be two winners, first prize and second prize.  
    First prize includes:
    • One bandana of your chose (please specify A, B, or C)
    •  Two yummy cinnamon dog treats
    • And a Frisbee (Small Blue or Large Pink) 
    Second prize includes:
    •  One bandana (you can pick from which ever two the first prize winner didn't chose)
    • And which ever Frisbee first prize did not chose
    Other Details
    • Every follower is aloud to enter one photo for the contest
    • If you are under 13, please get your parent's permission to enter 
    • Don't copy photos!  Your entry must be your own picture.   Taking someone else's picture will band you from all future photo contests on our blog.
    •  You will be judged by Chrissa and I in Picture Quality/Creativity.
    • Contest runs through August 13-18.
    • We will post the entries in batches around every 24 hours. 
    We'll be watching for your picture! 

    Entry Number one:
    My silly puppy likes to play chase with me! From Our AG Adventures


    1. Cool! The picture is human with a dog, right? :D

    2. That is so neat! I love the prizes!

      -Julie for jloveadollblog.blogspot.com

    3. Danielle- Yes, the picture is you and your dog.
      Thanks Julie!



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