Saturday, August 24, 2013

A New Member Joins Our Club!

 Hi all!  This morning, Julie came over to see us, and she brought her new friend, Saige.  Saige decided that she wanted to join our club, S.A.H.O.  So, Julie, Elizabeth, and I had a meeting to vote if she should join us or not.
"Saige, would you mind leaving for a minuet while we vote?" Elizabeth asked politely.
"Um ... sure." Saige said.

"All in favor of Saige joining S.A.H.O. say 'I'" Elizabeth started.
 "I" Julie said, smiling.
 "I" I agreed.
 "I" Elizabeth finished.  "Saige?  You can return."
 Looking a little bit nervous, Saige came back and sat on a poof. 
"The vote was unanimous, you're in!" I told Saige happily. 
"Every one put on the official S.A.H.O. leis." Julie said.
"Official S.A.H.O. leis?" Elizabeth said, surprised. "Where did that come from?"
"Well ..." Julie started, looking guilty, "The vote was unanimous ..."
Interrupting their conversation, I asked "Like this?"
"Oh, Chrissa you're so goofy!" Julie laughed.  "Let's all say the official S.A.H.O. oath."
Leaning towered Julie, I whispered "Julie, we don't have an oath."  Quickly glanceing at Saige, then turning back to me, she replied, "We'll just make one up."
"Repeat after me: we promise that we will protect S.A.H.O.'s members," Julie said, trying to look official.
"I promise that I will protect S.A.H.O.'s members," we all chanted.
"Help to clean up the club house,"
"Help clean up the club house,"
"And keep the club member's secrets."
"And keep the club member's secrets." we all finished.
Putting the lei over Saige's head, Elizabeth said, " Saige, you are now a member of S.A.H.O."  Saige smiled, making Elizabeth, Julie, and I smile too.
S.A.H.O. gained a new member, and I made a new friend.

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