Saturday, May 17, 2014

Chrissa's Coustume Birthday Party

 Hi all!  Today was my birthday party with my friends!  I wish you all could have joined me; it was so fun!  The theme this year was a costume party, so everyone came dressed up.  Once they arrived, I asked everyone to say their name and what they were dressed up as.
"I'll start," Felicity stated, "and Kit can go next."
"We can just go around the circle clockwise." Elizabeth quietly suggested.
"Okay.  Well, I'm Felicity, and I'm dressed up as a famous movie star." she said, tossing her head.
"I'm Kit. I'm wearing a dress that I found at the last second, I didn't know that we were supposed to wear costumes! Yea, sure the invitation said so, but still, we were in the car when McKenna asked, 'Aren't you going to wear a costume?' And so I ran inside and grabbed this from McKenna's closet and changed quickly." 
"Thank you for that story, Kit.  Your turn, Izzy." I smiled.
"As she just said, I am Izzy and I'm a princess." my friend told us.
"That is a lovely dress, Izzy." Elizabeth commented.
"Thank you."
"Hello, I'm McKenna and I'm an Olympic figure skater."
Nellie, one of my friends from church, went next.
"My name is Nellie, and I'm dressed as a cheerleader."
"I'm obviously Chrissa, and I'm some kind of prairie girl someone-or-another." I said.
Elizabeth, who was sitting next to me, told her name and that she was dressed as a duchess (think Downton Abby).  Samantha was a cowgirl, and Sidnee was a rock star/famous singer (she had a great costume!).

The first activity we did was a photo booth.  Below are some of the pictures of us, a few with crazy accessories, some without.

 Next, we played musical chairs.  I used music from Frozen, and Kit sang crazily along until we all insisted that she stopped.  The game turned out kind of wild, because there were many competitive people who would dive for the chairs.  In the end, it came down to Kit and Sidnee, Sidnee being the close victor of the game.
 After the game, we got a group picture.
 Then, it was time for cake!
"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Chrissa, happy birthday to you!" they all sang, although you could almost only hear Kit, who was nearly shouting it.
"I want the first piece of cake!" Kit said.
"No, Chrissa is the birthday girl, so she's the one who gets it." Elizabeth insisted, setting it on my plate.
"I can have the second piece then." my cousin said.  It wasn't a question.
"Very well." 
 Everyone enjoyed their cake.
But Kit's seemed to disappear faster than anyone else's!
Celebrating with my friends was so much fun!
What would be your dream birthday party? 


  1. My dream party would be to go to New Zealand and have LOTR reenactments XD XD XD XD
    Your birthday looks awesome, Chrissa!
    Happy birthday,
    you're one year older and no less epic than before

  2. So much fun! Looks like a really great party.
    Happy birthday, Chrissa!

  3. A pool party! I don't know why, but I've just never had one! Looks like you had lots of fun, and I wish I could have been there to!

  4. Haha...Kit cracked me up! XD That is exactly what my Kit would have dresses up like...and acted like...and eaten like...

  5. Going to Hawaii. That would be awesome!!

  6. oh my we have the same chairs are the white & pink our generation? I have the brown chairs too!!! oh I have the white & pink chairs too !!! happy birthday Chrissa . chissa can call you Issa. love leah

  7. Sounds like all the girls had great fun!

  8. Well, call me insane but I would love to have a birthday party based off of one of the historical characters birthdays. Preferably, Felicity's, Joseifanas, Samantha's, or Molly's. My friends and I would dress up like them and eat what they would have eaten. I would love to have it in the springtime in a garden!


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