Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Birthday!

 Hi all!  Yesterday, May 14th, was my real, live, actual birthday!  Yay!
 That morning, I woke up to the smell of scones.
 When I came downstairs, the table was covered with gifts!
"Happy birthday, Chrissa!" Mom and Dad greeted me.
"Yes, happy birthday!" Elizabeth agreed.
"Thanks!  What smells so good?" I asked, taking in a deep waif.
"I made strawberry scones just for you." my mom replied. "Let's eat!
After breakfast, my parents said I could open two presents.
"Which one should I open first?" I asked.
"How about the one with the cupcakes on it?" Mom suggested, pointing to one on the top. "Could you grab it, Elizabeth?"
"Of course.  Here, Chrissa." my sister said, handing me the gift.
I opened it up and found a cute pair of jean shorts, just like I wanted!
"Thanks, Mom and Dad!" I exclaimed, giving then each a hug.
"You're welcome, sweetheart."
As I was opening the second gift, our phone rang.  Elizabeth picked it up.
"Hello, this is the Edwards."
"Hi!  It's McKenna and Kit.  Is the birthday girl there?"
"Yes, she is.  I'll put her on speaker phone."  Elizabeth replied, pressing the button and setting the phone on my gift.
"Hello?" I said.
"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Chrissa, happy birthday to you!" my cousins sang.
"We just wanted to wish you a happy birthday!" came McKenna's voice.
"How's it going so far?" Kit added quickly.
"Great!  I was just about to open a present when you called.  Oh- can you come to my party on Saturday?" (I would have had my party yesterday, but since it was a school day Mom suggested I wait until Saturday.  So, yesterday I was just celebrating with my family.)
"Check you email." was Kit's reply. "Bye!"
"Bye, and thank you!"  I ended the call and finished opening my gift.
"This tee-shirt is so cute!  Thank you!" I smiled.  "Now I know why you wanted me to open these two particular presents."
"Yes, so you could wear them today, if you want to." Mom said.
"Are you kidding me?  Of course I want to!  I'm going to get dressed right now." I exclaimed, running upstairs.
I love my new outfit!
When I returned downstairs, Dad had left for work, Mom was washing the breakfast dishes, and Elizabeth was cleaning up.  I asked Elizabeth to re-do my hair in a fun birthday style, and she agreed.
Since neither of us had school (Elizabeth had finished for the year, and obviously it was my birthday), we played together until lunch.  Mom made quesadillas, one of my favorite foods.  After lunch, Mom mysteriously told me to close my eyes, which I did.
When I opened them, there was a adorable American girl doll bed in front of me!
"Wow!!!!  This is amazing!!!" I squealed. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!  How did you make it?"
"Elizabeth and I found a YouTube video tutorial." Mom explained.
"I think you should open the big pink one gift next." Elizabeth recommended.
"I made bedding and accessories for the bed." Elizabeth smiled.
"This is so wonderful!" I answered. "Do you want to play with me?"
It is so perfect for Nellie and Felicity!
For dinner, Mom, Dad, Elizabeth and I went to Olive Garden, because it's one of my favorite restaurants.  (And I love their bread-sticks!)  Afterward, we returned home, ate my birthday cake and I opened my last two presents.
I had such a great birthday!
How do you celebrate your birthday?


  1. Happy birthday Chrissa! What
    I usually do for my b-day? Well I go shopping with my grandma and while I do that, the rest of the family gets the party ready and after the party I spend the night at my grandma's!

  2. Don't know yet! But anyway Rissa, sorry I'm a day late in saying:"Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Whoop de do! Whoop de do! Open up your presents! Open up your presents! Just for you! Just for you! Oh, and this is Libby by the way. I'm writing from the Library.

  3. Happy Birthday Chrissa! ~Chrissa (lol)
    Also I nominated you for the Leibster Award it's on my human blog

  4. Happy birthday Chrissa!! I love your doll quilts! I'll have to see if Kirsten will make me some... :D

  5. Happy birthday Chrissa! Did you get our email?
    Melodie and Lexi from TN

  6. Happy birthday! :) for the bed did u use a my froggy stuff tuterial?! :)

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISSA! I hope it was loads and loads and loads and loads of fun! What presents did you get from your pen pals?

    1. Thanks! I actually don't know what I got from either of my pen pals, because I'm waiting to open Libby and Marie's until my party tomorrow, and Lexie and Melodie told me that their's are still in the mail.


  9. Happy late birthday, Chrissa! Hope you had a fantabulous day!
    Lots of Love,
    Jessica & Melody

  10. Happy birthday, Chrissa! All your presents are great especially the bed!
    Thank you for sharing your special day with us.

  11. Happy birthday Chrissa!! You are one blesses girl. :) I love your new doll bed. On my birthday I get the dinner of my choice... hamburgers and corn!! I love my birthday. :)

  12. Happy Birthday, Chrissa!!! How old did you turn? I absolutely LOVE your blog!!!!

    1. Thank you, A.M.! I'm turning 11 this year.

  13. Happy Birthday Chrissa! What site did you use to put the title of the post on the first picture?


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