Saturday, May 10, 2014

Summer Dress: a Photo Shoot

 Hello, lovely readers!  Lately, I have been sewing for my American Girl dolls and my sister, Chrissa (since her birthday is on Wednesday).  One of the things I made is a summer dress for Beth, of which I took pictures for you.  Enjoy!

 I found some striped fabric and thought it would be a perfect backdrop for the last few pictures.

 Next are a few photos that I edited on

What do you like to create?


  1. Adorable photo shoot! I love the summer dress! How did you make it? And HAPPY Birthday Chrissa!

    1. Addy and Emma-
      I made the dress using a free pattern on Pixie Fair (, but it turned out rather short so I added a ruffle to the bottom.

  2. Awesome! That summer dress is soooo cute. I love creating dresses for me and my sisters. Be sure to check out our blog, www.theclementine

  3. Beth is so very beautiful, and that dress is amazing!


  4. OMG!! I LOVE IT!! Please do a tutorial on the dress or something similar. :) Make sure to check out my blog!
    In a while!!

  5. That is sooooooo pretty! Beth looks cute in two braids like that. Almost like Anna in Frozen! Anyway, I don't create much, although I sometimes write stories.

  6. Fabulous dress. That orange looks wonderful on her.

  7. Wow! You did a great job, Elizabeth!
    I like sewing stuff to send to Ruthie. She hasn't got an AG doll yet, but she's starting to save up and so I've been sending her some clothes for her doll when she gets her.


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