Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Swimming vs. Shoveling

 Hello, lovely readers!  While most people to the north are shoveling their heavy snow, ...
  ... to-day Chrissa and I walked to the pool for a swim.
 I rested my head on a plush towel.
"Do you want to swim?  Like, now?" Chrissa interrupted my thoughts.
"Perhaps in a minute; you go ahead."
 "I wonder what the water feels like?" my sister asked, cautiously dipping her toe in.
 "You have to come in, Elizabeth!  It's amaze!" she insisted.
 "Very well; it does look lovely." I agreed, pulling off my soft cover-up and slowly slipping in.  The blue water sparkled in the setting sunlight as my sister and I splashed and swam.
 Dripping, we climbed out of the pool.  Sitting on the side, we let a gentle breeze dry us off.
 The weather this afternoon was wonderful.
 "Can't we stay a little longer?" Chrissa pleaded, gazing longingly at the water.
 "You know that we promised Mother we would be home by four o'clock, so we need to pack up."
My sister sighed.
Wrapping a towel around her shoulders, Chrissa and I gathered up our things and headed home.
Is it shoveling or swimming weather where you live? 


  1. That sounds like so much fun! It's nasty cold weather here!

  2. Haha! Glad someone else lives in a place where you can actually go swimming this time of year! :D

  3. Neither. No snow, only rain :( We live on a lake, and, while me and my friends jump in all year round (even in thunderstorms), it's cold until late June. So used to the lake that pools are hard for me to swim in! Looks like you and Chrissa has a ton of fun!

  4. 2 inches of snow! Why do I have to live in ohio!?

  5. I loved it!! :) We have snow on the ground, and I can't wait for Spring!

  6. Shoveling weather here. But nothing to shovel right now; it's all in piles from previous storms.
    Loved this photo story. Made me smile and feel warm.

  7. I'd love to swim right now. Its still chilly up here in TN. Love the hairdo, Chrissa. What did you do?
    Melodie from TN

    1. Hi Melodie! I didn't do the hairstyle, Elizabeth did, but I think she just made one little braid starting under my head, connected it on the opposite side, and french braided the rest. Hope this helps!
      P.S. Expect a letter from us soon!

    2. Cool. We'll be waiting. We are so jealous that you can swim. It is still real cold.
      Melodie and Lexi from TN

  8. Swimming!!
    It's funny because I'm used to playing in the snow around this time of year, it is weird it call this winter.


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