Monday, March 10, 2014

How to Fishtail Braid

 Hello, lovely readers!  We had several of you requested a fishtail braid tutorial, so since it was my turn to post (Chrissa and I do take turns- most of the time, at least) I decided to try!
 You will need ...

  • ... a hairbrush, ...
  • ... hair bands, ...
  • ... and optionally a misting bottle.  When your hair is slightly wet, it will hold a braid better.

Are you ready?  Let us start ...
 1. Brush out any tangles in the hair, lightly misting it with your squirt bottle.
 2. Split the hair down the middle.  If you are doing two fishtail braids, as I am, loosely put one side in a hairband.  Split the hair you are working on again.
 3. Starting on the left, take a small piece of hair and place it into the middle.
 4. Now pulling a strand from the right, make a cross with the two pieces.  (Note:  I only used the clip so you could see the hair clearly.)
5. Put a second hair from the left over the first one.
6. Pull a strand from the right over the first one.  Be careful to make sure that after each cross, you are only holding two sections of hair!
 7. Continue this all the way down the head, until you run out of hair.  Then, take a piece of hair from the section top and continue, ...
 8. ... until you reach the bottom, tying it off with a pony-tail holder.
 9. You're done if only doing one braid, but if you are doing two, then
10. Repeat steps 3-8 on the opposite side.

It is my hope that you found this understandable and helpful.
Do you like hair-styling?


  1. Love it! I normally only do braids down, but I'll have to try your French version too :)

  2. you are nominated for an award!!!


    1. I also nominated you for the award! Great tutorial too.

  3. Thank you! I've been looking for one of these tutorials lately. I'll mark this post as one to revisit. :)

  4. I love hair-styling and this one is really cute! I'll be sure to try it!

  5. I love your blog and just wanted to say I also nominated you for the liebster award. you can check it out at my blog

  6. BTW, I nominated you the Liebster Award which you can see on my blog! :D ( Keep up the great blogging!


  7. I love this How-To!


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