Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Saturday Morning Breakfast

 Hi all!  This morning, ...
 ... I woke up, and yawned.  Then, I realized it was a Saturday!  Yay!
 I ran into the kitchen and found Elizabeth pulling a batch of muffins out of the oven.
 "Good morning, Chrissa." she greeted me.
"It is a good morning!  Hey- where's Mom and Dad?" I asked.
"They went out to breakfast together, so it's just the two of us this morning.  Could you set the table?"
 "Sure!" I grabbed plates, forks, and napkins.  "Elizabeth- what cups should I use?"
"What about the National Park mugs we got last summer?"  my sister suggested.
 "Okay, I'll put them on the table."
 "Here is our breakfast!" Elizabeth announced, carrying it to the table.
 We prayed, then started eating!
"Could you pass the orange juice?" I asked with my mouth full of muffin.
 "Here you are."
 Strawberries, yogurt parfaits, orange juice, ...
... and blueberry muffins make a delish first meal of the day!
When we finished, my sister kindly offered to wash the dishes, leaving me open to do my chores, which Elizabeth and I just finished. I don't know what the rest of the day will bring (maybe a call from my cousin Libby!), but so far it's been awesome!
What's your favorite breakfast?
P.S.  Libby, if you are reading this, call me!


  1. Cute! Looks very relaxing!
    And did you get those mugs actually in Yellowstone? Because I am going there this summer!

  2. Outstanding. I just commented on Amaya's blog about how great her kitchen is...your is wonderful too. Love the breakfast. Where did you find those mugs? Too cute!

  3. You are nominated for the Liebster Award! Go here:

  4. AMAZING PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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