Wednesday, January 15, 2014

An Afternoon on the Beach

 Hello, lovely readers!  After Chrissa and I had finished our schoolwork, and eaten lunch, we decided to spent this afternoon on the beach. 
 First, we spread our towels on the sand like one would spread jelly on bread.  And we talked.  After a little while...
"Hey, I think I'm going to make a sandcastle now." Chrissa said, sitting up.
"I think I will go beach-combing for shells." I replied.
 While she was building her castle of sand, Chrissa enjoyed the view of the beach ...
 ... and decided to kick off her flip-flops.  
 When I returned with shells in hand, my sister and I walked down to the water and cautiously stepped into the cold ocean.
 I snapped a picture of one of the many seagulls flying over the water.
 After we had waded for a while (and getting more than our feet wet), Chrissa and I returned to our hotel room.
 Later, when I saw that the sun was setting, I hastened to take a photo.
Then Chrissa, who was outside as well, grabbed our camera and snapped the above picture.
Do you like to visit the beach?


  1. Beautiful pictures, amazing. What camera do Chrissa and you use, it's fabulous :)

    1. JulietXD-
      Thanks! Elizabeth and I use the Canon EOS Rebel T3.

  2. Wonderful beach pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Yes I enjoy going to the beach immensely but I haven't gone in quite a while. The photos are lovely. I must be going! Much love, Marie- Grace

  4. Great photos. I'd love to go to the beach right now soooo chilly up here
    Melody from TN

  5. I love the beach too. I cannot wait to go to the Outer banks in August.


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