Monday, January 13, 2014

In Daytona Beach

 Hi all!  After church yesterday afternoon, my family drove up to Daytona Beach for Dad's work for two weeks, but we'll come back on the weekends because it's only a hour drive. Since Elizabeth and I are home-schooled, we just brought our work along.
 The hotel room we're staying in has two bedrooms, one for my sister and I and one for our parents.
 Once in our room, I immediately kicked off my shoes, ...
 ... and flopped on the cushy bed.
 Elizabeth, who had just gone outside on the patio, said that I should see the view.

 In my opinion, there's nothing better than looking out your window and seeing the beach.
When you look out your window, what do you see?


  1. I think that view is AMAZING! I wish I was there with you! Libby

  2. That is such a pretty view! :) Out side of my room I neighbors backyard. :}

  3. I see trees, my tree house, evergreen trees, a wood fence, more trees, and leaves- Can you tell I live in Seattle? I agree, that view is awesome! Will we be seeing more beach pictures in the future?

    1. We hope so, Juliet! The ocean water is pretty cold right now, but Elizabeth and I might brave it! Stay tuned...

  4. Thank you! I need some beach right now. :)
    I see overcast skies for the 5th day in a row out my window.

  5. All we see is trees, trees and more trees. The last homeowners let the place go wild. We have a lot of fun climbing in the trees. Have fun at Daytona Beach!
    Melody and Lexi from TN


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