Monday, January 27, 2014

A Dress Discovery

 Hello, lovely readers!  Chrissa and I are now back from Daytona Beach, and won't be traveling for a while, which makes both of us happy.
 I was finishing unpacking, ...
 ... when I saw something pushed into the back of my closet.

 I gently pulled it out, ...
 "Chrissa!" I called to my sister, who was also unpacking her bag.  "Remember this dress?"
"Oh, yea!  You got it when we visited Colonial Williamsburg!"  Chrissa said.  "Hey, you should try it on."  I took my sister's advice, and was pleased to see that it still fit.  I asked Chrissa if she would take a few pictures of me wearing it, and she said yes.  Here are our favorites:

Have you ever been to Colonial Willamsburg?


  1. Beautiful! What camera do you guys use?

  2. Whoa, cool dress Elizabeth. Looks like the one Elizabeth wore for the Christmas Ball in the AG movie Felicity. (funny you guys have the same name. You look a lot alike)
    Lexi from TN

  3. Love the dress, Elizabeth. Its sooo elegant. Where on earth did you get those beautiful roses from the start of the post?
    Melody from TN

    1. Melody,
      Thank you! Actually, Marie-Grace gave it to me for Christmas last year.

    2. You are welcome. It was so cool to see your post the day you did it.

  4. Love the dress, Elizabeth. Looks like a ball gown. My sister loves it, too.
    Briana from TN (Melody from TN's cousin)

    1. It does look like a ball gown

  5. We haven't, but we're hoping to if we go to Washington DC this summer. By the way this is top secret info that one must not reveal. He, he! Libby

  6. Love this photo story. Your closet is really neat and the fashion shoot at the end is quite lovely.


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