Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our Day At American Girl Store Denver!

Hi people!  Elizabeth and I went to the American Girl store in Denver today!  We had so much fun!

Here we are in front of the store.
Inside, all over, there lots of models displaying all the cute outfits.
"Wow." I said. "This horse is really pretty.  What's her name?"
"This is Bell.  The white horse over there is Snow White."  The model smiled. "We like to name them after Disney people."  She (I realized that I didn't know her name) looked at me curiously. "What's you name?"
"I'm Chrissa.  I'm here with my sister, Elizabeth." I said, pointing to where Elizabeth was standing. "Do you like horses?"
"I'm Katherine, and I love horses!  Sarah over there likes them too." Katherine said, pointing to the girl who was standing next to the other horse, Snow White.
"My friend Julie likes horses too." I sighed. "I wish she were here with me."
Katherine smiled understandingly.  "To get this job, I had to leave my roommate for the summer.  I miss her, just like you do."
"Chrissa!" Elizabeth called. "If you want try on all of these outfits you better get started!"
Here a few of the outfits Elizabeth and I tried on.  
We had such a fun day at American Girl store Denver!

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  1. That looks like so much fun! Did you get anything special?


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