Thursday, July 11, 2013

Extra Pictures from the Pool

Warning: lots of pictures. (17 to be exact.)
As I was browsing though our camera photos form our time with Liberty, I saw the many of the pictures from our swimming adventure were not featured on our blog.  So I decided to show them to you.
(Note: you may have seen a few of these photos before from Our Forth of July post)
First off, we have some individual pictures, starting off with lovely Chrissa.

Next, our sweet cousin, Liberty.

Finally, me.

Here are some photos of us together.

Chocolate Chip, Caramel, and Sugar.  Our dogs are friends too!
"See," Chrissa said, "all you have to do is put your arms and legs together like a torpedo and jump in!  Here, I'll show you."  And with that Chrissa jumped off the side and gracefully did a pencil dive into the water.
She surfaced, and started swimming toward the opposite side.
"You try, Libby!"
"Here I go." my cousin said nervously.  She dove in. She did it wonderfully.
"Superb job, Liberty!" I congratulated.
Caramel and Chocolate Chip went swimming with us.
When it was time to go, they left paw tracts everywhere!
I hope you enjoyed our pictures.

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