Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Sleepover with our Colorado Friends

Hi all you readers!  Last night we had a sleepover with all of our Colorado friends(and cousins!): Kit, McKenna, Paige, and Cara.  After a restful, sleep filled night (thanks to Elizabeth and Paige) we got up and had breakfast (again thanks to Elizabeth and Paige).
Elizabeth and Paige quietly discussed while washing the dishes, 
Cara, McKenna, Kit and I talked about anything and everything in the living room.
"Did you know that Cara is my nickname?  My real name is Caroline." Cara revealed.
"I can see why you prefer Cara over Caroline.  Caroline such a long name." Kit said, looking disgusted.  "Short names and hair are so much better than long ones."
Here's a picture of all of us.  (From left to right: Top row -McKenna, Elizabeth Grace, Cara, Kit. Bottom row- Paige and I.)
Getting up, I said, "Come on upstairs with me.  I want to show you something."  Everyone followed me as I climbed up the stairs.
"Look, I hung up some posters by my bed.  Do you like them?"
After Cara, Kit, McKenna and Paige saw the posters,  we all got dressed and went home, which was only a staircase away.  On a completely different note, I am so excited that Libby is coming TOMORROW!!!  YA!!!


  1. You are such a good photographer!


  2. Lilly- we did! (Even if Elizabeth and Paige made us got to bed a a reasonable time). Thanks, Claire!



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