Saturday, July 13, 2013

Along Old Fall River Road

Today was our last Saturday to go into Rock Mountain National Park, because next Saturday we would be packing.  Elizabeth and I chose to go on Old Fall River Road.  It's the original unpaved road up to the Alpine Visitors center. 
Our first stop on the way up was Chasm Falls.
Check out the beautiful waterfall!
Here's me,
...And Elizabeth in front of the falls.
We climbed down the trail a bit and took our picture by the river.

Most of the time we were in the car, enjoying the view from the open window.  The weather was just gorgeous!  It was also nice to fell cold (we don't experience that much in Florida).


On the way back down, we saw these elk grazing.  We had a lovely last Saturday in Rocky Mountain National Park.

P.S.Are you all excited to see the Saige movie? Elizabeth and I can't wait!

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