Sunday, July 7, 2013

Last Day of Liberty's visit to Colorado

Yesterday was the last day of Liberty's visit, so we decided to spend it at the Alluvial Fan, because Liberty had never been there before.
We arrived there around lunch time, so we had our picnic, then took the short hike up to the falls.
Here we are in front of the river.  Chrissa and Liberty wanted to go wading, but I thought that the river was to swift, so I insisted that the find a cove.  And they did.
"How about this, Elizabeth?  It's not to deep or anything." Chrissa asked.
"That seems safe.  Have fun wading." I said.
"Why don't you come in with us, Elizabeth?" Liberty said.
"Well, I guess I could." I replied.
"Come on in!  It's great." Chrissa said.
"This is so much fun!" Liberty exclaimed.

We took some close ups of each other.  Here's Chrissa,
And me.
It was so nice to have Liberty come and visit us.

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