Friday, July 19, 2013

Afternoon with my Cousins

Hi all!  I have to pack to tomorrow (since we are leaving for Yellowstone on Sunday), so today I hung out with Kit and McKenna.
"Want to watch a movie?" McKenna asked.
"Sure! What about Brave?" I suggested.
"I'll bring up my DVD player." Kit said.  When Brave started, something was not right.
"Why on earth are they talking like that?!" I asked Kit.
"Oh, that's Piranha." Kit replied, as if it was perfectly normal for Scots to speak fish.
"KIT!" McKenna and I shouted.
When the strange movie ended, Elizabeth came up.
"How was your movie?" She asked.
"It was so weird!" I said.  "Kit programmed her DVD player so that all the movies played in Piranha!  The people were chomping half the time!"
"I'm tired." Kit yawned, as if to enforce her point.  "I'm going to my room." 
"Do you want to play American Girls?" I suggested.
McKenna and Elizabeth agreed, so we did.
I had a nice afternoon with my strange (Kit) and sweet (McKenna) cousins.

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