Monday, April 22, 2013

What you can do on a Rainy Day

Hello lovely readers!  Since today is a rainy day, I was very bored. 
"Why not think of things to do and then share them on our blog?" Elizabeth suggested as she cleaned the house.  I thought that was a great idea!  So today I will show you what I like to do when the rain dances on my roof!
#1 Make a fort!
Forts are fun because they are so easy to make! Just grab some chairs and blankets and you'll be ready in no time! If you're wanting to go all out, try whipping up a smoothie for a snack and toss all you stuffed animals into your fort for snuggling.
  #2 Write a letter
Some people think writing letters are a thing of the past, but I don't agree!  Don't you love to get a letter in the mail?  Pick a special friend to send your surprise greeting too -  it doesn't matter if she lives 12 states away or right down the street. A letter will surely brighten her day and you'll love knowing that you made someone smile.
#3 Read a book
Made of paper or electronic, you can read a book.  When your imagination takes you to the past, present, or future, you can kiss your rainy day blues goodby!
(Today my signature is kind of ironic)


  1. That is so weird! I posted a rainy day thing on my doll blog !?!?!?! Are you copying me:)!!!!LOL!

  2. No, Julie, we are not coping you. Haven't you ever herd the saying "Great Minds think alike"?



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