Friday, April 26, 2013

Thursday with Taffy

I, Elizabeth, am going to tell you what happened yesterday.  After I woke up and dressed, I descended the stairs and found Taffy in a most strange outfit.
Her style, or lack thereof, caused me to be alarmed.
"What happened to your leg?" Chrissa asked.
"I broke it doing a thirty-two double triple flip." Taffy replied.  The thirty-two double triple flip move where you do one hundred ninety-two flips in a row.  No one has been able to achieve it before.  Suddenly, Taffy bust our laughing.  Then right in front of us, the girl, who had no style, opened her cast and took it off.
"I was just kidding!" she exclaimed.
"Why did you do that?" Chrissa asked, a little angry.
" 'Cause I thought it would funny to see your faces.  And it was!" she said, still laughing.  After that Chrissa and I worked on school.  Taffy just laughed.  And then she said we were funny.  Excuse me?  We are funny? You are the funny one, Taffy! 
P.S. Sorry for posting this so late- our computer had a breakdown.  It's all fixed now.

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