Monday, April 15, 2013

Our New Club, Part Two

Hello lovely readers!  Chrissa here, telling you more about the continued adventures of our club! (To see Julie's side of this story, click here:Munchy Monday: Breakfast Picnic)  On Saturday morning, I woke up after Julie and Elizabeth.  When I came downstairs Elizabeth said
"Put on your shoes!  We are going out!"
"But I am only in my pajamas!" I said nervously.
"Me too!!!!" Julie yelled.
"Calm down.  We are just going out to the S.A.H.O." Elizabeth comforted.  We hadn't had breakfast yet, so
 "Wait! I have to do something real quick!" I said. I ran upstairs made a quick order for pizza.
"Now, let's go!"  Elizabeth led Julie and I outside to the club house, were we laded a blanket over our laps and distributed the food evenly.
"Oh this is good stuff! Elizabeth, what a fun surprise!" Julie said with her mouth full of food.

Then the phone rang...
 and I released that it was my pizza!
 "I'll ge-" I started.
"I'll get it!" Julie quickly interrupted.

"Hello?" Julie said to the phone.

"Hi your pizza is here, but you aren't!"

"I didn't order take out pizza." Julie said. Then she and Elizabeth both looked at me. 

"What! I can not always trust Elizabeth's cooking!" I said.

"Chrissa!"  They said at the same time.
Be sure to check out Julie's blog at Jlove.
To see the beginning, click here:  Our New Club


  1. Chrissa and Elizabeth:
    I <3 your site! I was wondering if you can let me interview you for my doll website ( Yes or no, please e-mail me with the e-mail posted on our blog.
    <3 Kanani

  2. You just got awarded!! Check out my blog here for more information:


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