Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our New Club

Greetings!  Chrissa and I made a new club with our friend, Julie Grace, who road down to St. Augustine to spend the weekend with us! 
S.A.H.O. stands for St. Augustine Hang Out.  Normally "hangout" is one word, but we decided to make it two because S.A.H. just did not look right.  We even made a sign!
Charming, right?
Our first meeting we practiced our acting.
 I brought my crate of dresses and we quickly started.
   I made up this elaborate game but I don't think Julie really got it at all.

"And I was swept off my feet by a wolf that was dancing!" Chrissa said with emphases.
"Chrissa, that is NOT dramatic." I said with annoyance.
"This is confusing." Julie said.
Whenever we tried to take a picture, Chrissa would fall over.  When we asked her to explain, she said "I was swept off my feet by the inadvisable wolf that isn't there."
Chrissa can be a goose sometimes.

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