Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Sea and the Sand

 Hello, lovely readers!  My family and I have been spending several enjoyable days with our grandparents at their Cocoa Beach condo.  Since it's only a three minute drive to the beach from their house, we all piled into the car yesterday evening.  Mother, Father, Grandma and Grandpa all went for a walk, while Georgia, Chrissa and I wondered around the beach.

"It's so beautiful." Chrissa commented.
"Definitely." Georgia agreed.
"I love the smell of the salty breeze blowing off the ocean." I said, breathing deeply.
"You just said our blog name!" Chrissa laughed.
Georgia and I joined her. "That I did."
 You can tell where the seagulls have been!

 The sound of the breaking waves is so peaceful.

 So often beach pictures show crystal-clear water and bright blue sky, but I think that that's not the only beautiful view of this creation.
 "Were did Chrissa go?" Georgia asked, turning to me.
"I think she ran down to the water." I replied, scanning the waves.
"There she is!"
 Chrissa had been running, laughing and jumping.  Shen now was panting,
 ... and letting the waves wash over her feet.
As if in an unspoken agreement had passed between us, Georgia and I simultaneously raced down to the wet sand where Chrissa stood.

 Just then, Mother called to us that it was time to go.

 We turned to take one last look at the beach, 
 ... then departed.
What's your favorite way to enjoy the beach?
That's kind of a strange question to ask in December, I know. ;^)


  1. My favorite way to enjoy the beach is to just sit on the sand and dig for shells. I love watching the waves come to shore. Love your photo shoot. The weather looks lovely this time of year in Florida.
    Melodie from TN

    1. Thank you, Melodie! The weather is quite nice - besides the rain.

    2. Yes, it has been quite rainy here as well. It has also been very cold here in TN. I love how you drew a heart around yourselves. Good idea.
      Melodie from TN

  2. My favorite thing to do is find pretty rocks, draw in the sand, and take pictures of the sunset.
    I LOVE Elizabeth's hair!


  3. These pictures are just too cute!!! All your dolls look so adorable!xD

  4. Wow! These pictures are so beautiful! You're so talented!:)

  5. What a lovely day you must have had! My favorite thing to do at the beach is to collect shells.

  6. I've tried to take pictures at the beach of my AG dolls before and I've never been able to get shots as good as the ones in this post!
    Do you have any tips for getting good pictures on the beach? How did you do it?!
    I love your blog and I look at it often (I've just never commented before).

    Here is my blog if you are interested:

    1. Hello, Ellie!
      Thank you for your kind words. We are planning on doing a photography tips post sometime in the near future, and we will address you question!


  7. Both your dolls and the beach are beautiful! Do you ever miss the snow and winter?


    1. Grace -
      Thank you! Yes, we do miss, as Chrissa puts it, "having real seasons", but I personally tire of cold rather quickly, so it's not that horrible. It is sad to miss the fall colors and joys of spring, though.


  8. Looks like you had a fun day! The photos are gorgeous, as always.


  9. Beautiful pictures! I loved the colors the doll's outfits add to the photos.

  10. Gorgeous day! You may have forgotten about this post by now. I've just gotten around to seeing it and it is perfect for such a cold day here in PA. I so want to be in a warmer climate. :)


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