Tuesday, September 30, 2014

We're Ready for Fall!

Hello, lovely readers!  While Mother shopped this afternoon, my sisters and I decorated our house for fall!
 "I think that's all of it." Georgia said, setting down the last load.
"Yep!" Chrissa dusted off her hands.
 "I think we should split up - one of us do the kitchen, and the other two work in here." I suggested.
 "I call the kitchen!" Chrissa nearly yelled.
"Okay, Chrissa!  You don't have to shout!" Georgia laughed. "Looks like you and I are working here, Elizabeth."
 "See you people later." Chrissa said, grabbing the table cloth and decorations.
"Elizabeth - why don't you do the mantel, and I'll do sofa." my sister offered.
"That is fine with me."
 Georgia tried a few different arrangements for the cushion (which I made) and blanket.
 Meanwhile, I set up the mantel with dried leaves and little pumpkins.
 A few minutes later, Georgia and I stepped back to admire our work.  Suddenly, the phone rang.
"I'll get it!" Chrissa shouted.
I turned to Georgia.  "Shall we go over and see how Chrissa is doing?"
"Sure!" she replied
 "Hey Chrissa - who was on the phone?" Georgia asked.
 "Oh, that was Mom.  She was just letting us know that she'd be back from Target soon.  And guess what she's bringing back?"
"Popcorn?" I suggested.
"Candy corn?" Georgia offered.
"You're right Georgia - it's candy corn!" Chrissa exclaimed excitedly.
 "Nice job on the decor, Chrissa"
"If you two don't mind," I said, "I'm going to finish reading."
"Fine by me!  Hey Georgia - do you want to play Island Hopper?" Chrissa asked.
"Sure, why not?"
 They were just setting up the game as I went upstairs.
When Mother returned, she let each of us have ten candy corns.  They were delicious!
What do you like best about fall?


  1. Awesome! I really loved this photo-story. And your Signature is SO cute, Elizabeth! ;) Wow! What I love about fall is that cozy feeling, you know? When it's not-too-cold-and-not-too-hot, long sleeves, pretty leaves. :)


  2. I personally enjoy the colorful nature of this season, as well as harvest and the temperature beginning to drop. What a lovely season this is!

  3. Your decorations are so cute!!!
    We personally love dressing in warm, fuzzy sweaters, and prancing around in the fallen leaves. :-)
    ~The Shire Gals

  4. SO cute! You should do a AG House tour! That room looks adorable!


  5. Sooo cute! Elizibeth's hair is so pretty! I love the changing leaves and preparing for Halloween (Finding costumes, decorating, etc.) going into corn mazes, and drinking apple cider and donuts at the end of the day.
    - Zoë

  6. I love to get ready for Halloween. Making costumes is the best part. I also like getting to wear my pink sweater, drink hot cocoa and play outside with no overly hot sunshine or wasps. Plus I can climb a tree without getting lost
    Melodie from TN.

  7. This photo story was so cute and fun! I really liked it. :) What I like about fall is apple cider, collecting black walnuts, and the trees' leaves turning colors.

  8. Your photography is AMAZING, and your dollhouse is so cute!! I agree with Meghan, you should do a room tour!

  9. I can't wait for more posts! Where did you get all the fall decor and how did you do Elizabeth's hair? I like everything about fall including decor, jumping in piles of leaves,and eating anything pumpkin or apple.


  10. Love the scarecrow and pumpkins. Where did you find them? Love the design work with fall decor you all did in your house. Excellent job.
    Melodie from TN

  11. Yes, second time reading this post. Love the decorations especially the little afghan on the back of the couch (pictures 2 & 3). :)

  12. Just felt like fall today. Broke out my jeans and warm shirts. Lovely day with the leaves starting to change colors. Love love love the decorations. Cute outfit and decor ideas Chrissa.
    Lexi from TN

  13. Great Photostory! Very nice pictures!

  14. Nice photography! What's my favorite thing about Fall? Well, either pies (both pumpkin and apple) or just the nice weather. Fall is easily my favorite season.


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