Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Apartment (for the Summer) and Neighbors.

Hi all! How are you today?  I thought that I would show you around where we are staying(and who we are staying with)!
On the top floor is our bedroom.  On the left side is Elizabeth's bed,
...And on the other side is my bed.  I'm hoping to make some decorations soon.
Off the bedroom is a long closet.  This is my half...
...And this is Elizabeth's half. (Do you note a difference?)
Cara, Chrissa, and Kit.
Here is our living/dinning room.(The table is on the other side of the room).  Don't worry, we won't eat off the floor all summer.  The table just needed some repairing.

Kit and McKenna's apartment is above us(they are our cousins  remember?) , and Paige and Cara's is underneath.
This is Paige.  She's kind of quiet, but very sweet.
Here's Cara.  I don't know her that well yet, but I think we're going to be good friends.
Have you made any new friends recently?

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  1. We love your house! So awesome!
    ~ Rebecca and Kirsten


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