Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last day with Liberty

Yesterday (Wednesday) Chrissa and I drove to Colorado.  But Monday was our last day with Liberty, so Chrissa, Liberty and I decided to spend the day at the park.  First we had a snack of cookies.
 Here's all of us at the park(from left to right) Sugar and I, Liberty and Caramel, and Chrissa and Chocolate Chip. Then we took our dogs for a walk.
Libby and "Rissa"(as Liberty calls her) and their dogs.
 Here's me.
Libby and Rissa spied a old water fountain and climbed up it with their canine friends.
Liberty then hopped down to join me and Chrissa took our picture.  Then Chrissa and Liberty ran off to play on the playground.
After that, it was time for dinner.
I packed sandwiches, soda, and fries to eat.  Naughty Chocolate Chip and Caramel kept trying to steal our food.  After that yummy dinner, it was time for Liberty to go home.  Sadly, we said our good-byes.  Chrissa and I will miss her so much.
P.S. Liberty started her own blog, Sand Hill Adventures  or .  You all should check it out!

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