Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Odd Happenings, Explained - Mostly

 Hello lovely readers!  If you missed the first part, read this post (Odd Happenings) before continuing.  Otherwise it will seem like a Jeopardy game - hearing the answer and trying to guess the question.
 Wednesdays are Georgia's violin lesson, so she was heading out the door, but stopped to ask me something.
"Can you make sure Chrissa doesn't eat all the Sun Chips while I'm gone?  I'm trying to make them last all week."
I smiled. "Of course."
 I was enjoying some tea in my Yellowstone mug from last summer when I heard the front door slam.
"Hey Elizabeth!" Chrissa called up the stairs.
"Come down here - there's someone I want you to meet.  She's the girl I was talking about a few Fridays ago.  Remember?"
"Er, I think so." I said. "I'm coming."
I walked downstairs.
 "Who is this?" I asked.
 "Hello!  I'm Holly O'Hair." The girl said.
 "Elizabeth, this is Holly." Chrissa introduced. "Holly, this is my sister Elizabeth."
"Nice to meet you." I said, reaching down to shake her hand.
"Nice to meet you too!" Holly smiled.
"Might I ask you a question?" I said.
"Go ahead."
"Are you dressed up like Anna from Frozen?"
"Yes!" Holly replied. "I really love the movie and since I'm a ginger I was like 'I could dress up as Anna!' so I looked around for something good to use as an outfit, but then I ran into the real Disney Anna doll and she let me borrow her skirt, hat and cape and of course I just had to try it on and then I saw Chrissa walking Chocolate Chip so I ran outside to talk with her and then she was like 'Would you like to meet my sisters' and I said yes, I would so I walked back with her and here I am!"
"I see."
"Did I talk to much? I'm sorry if I did.  Cerise says that I do, but I'm really trying to work on it."
"I don't think you did." Chrissa assured her. "But who's Cerise?"
"She's my roommate and - oh! That reminds me it's my turn to make dinner! I need to go!"
 "Bye!  Come and visit us again!" Chrissa said as Holly walked out our door.
Chrissa and I sat down on the couch.
"She seems nice." I said.
"Yea.  Maybe I should invite her and Cerise to my birthday party." Chrissa replied.

"You don't even know Cerise yet."
"So?  If she has Holly for a roommate she's got to be nice."
"You don't know that ..."

Just then Georgia walked in the door.
 "Did I miss something?" Georgia asked suspiciously, raising an eyebrow at Chrissa.
Chrissa and I turned.
"There's something I need to explain ..." Chrissa started.
"Wait!  Did you eat the Sun Chips?" Georgia asked.
Chrissa smiled maliciously. "I didn't know we had Sun Chips.  But I would be happy to fix that!" Chrissa raced up the stairs.
"Chrissa!!" Georgia yelled.
You can just feel the sisterly love.
What do you think of Holly?


  1. Holly sounds awesome!! I love how she's dressed up as Anna!! ^.^ I hope we can meet cerise at Chrissa's birthday
    party =)

  2. Cool. I am so glad to finally understand what happened. Holly seems sweet and I know you will probably be best of friends.
    Melodie from TN

  3. This story is so cute! I love Holly! She is the perfect Anna!:) I love EAH dolls and I have 5 of them!:)

  4. She's so little! But she sounds super nice! Can't wait to see Cerise.


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