Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry (semi-late) Christmas!

Hi all!  I hope you had a very merry Christmas!  I know my sisters and I did.  Our cousins, the Brooks, and our grandparents drove down to our house to celebrate with us.  It was very cozy in our living room. ;^)
 Guess what?  Georgia and I got a Wii, two controllers, and Wii Sports Resort (a game)!  We are having lots of fun making Miis, and even convinced Elizabeth to play with us a few times.  In the lovely picture of our TV you can see the Mii I made, playing Frisbee Dog.
Oh.  Georgia says to tell you that other than the Wii, she only got clothes, which doesn't surprise me.
What is your favorite Christmas memory?


  1. Nice post. I love the picture at the top. Can't wait to see what all you got, besides a Wii.
    Melodie from TN

  2. I love having Christmas with you!

  3. Merry Christmas girls! It looks like you all had a wonderful time!

  4. Great photos! Sounds like you had a very nice holiday. My favorite memory from this year, well I have two - opening the wonder ball from Gramma Enne and getting Tris from Nana Kestrel.

  5. Georgia is absolutely gorgeous! Which MAG is she?

    Grace @ Dollicious


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