Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Joy at Joann's

 Hello, lovely readers!  As you may have guessed, Mother dropped Chrissa and I off at Joann's Fabric yesterday afternoon.  Because of the rain, the lighting was slightly strange, so don't mind the strange picture coloring.
 Anyway, I was looking for dress fabric.
 "... something with little flowers and vines, I think." I was explaining to my sister as we walked down the isles.
 "What about this?" Chrissa asked, pulling out flowery blue fabric.
"Err - that looks almost the same as the dress I'm wearing, only lighter." I pointed out, walking over to where she was standing.
"On second thought, maybe not." Chrissa said, taking a look at my outfit and putting it back.
 "Oh, this is practically perfect!" I whispered, gently lifting out a beautiful fabric. "What do you think, Chrissa?"
 "Hey, how about this?" my sister wanted to know, holding out a rainbow striped fabric.
"I don't think that will work." I replied.  Chrissa laughed.
"I was kidding, of course." she smiled, sticking it back.
The only other pattern I liked was a pretty cherry blossom calico, but in the end I got the first fabric I found.  For the dress lining, I chose a deep pink.
 "I have my fabric, so what do you want to do until Mother comes to pick us up in a hour?" I asked Chrissa.
"I dunno, why don't we just wonder around?"
"Very well." I said. "Oh - wait.  We need to get the camera bag fabric for the design contest." *
"How could I have forgotten?" Chrissa smacked her hand to her forehead.  "Let's go."  After we had all the fabric, we just drifted around.
 "Do you like my fab hair?" Chrissa questioned in a funny accent with a boa on her head.
"It's just lovely." I laughed with her.
After the boas, we entered the yarn section, which Chrissa claims I spent to much time in.
 "Okay, that's enough, let's go." my sister insisted, grabbing my hand and pulling me away.
 As we were walking in the fabric section before we checked out, Chrissa discovered some soft, plush cloth.
"Ah, I could sleep in this ..." She wrapped the fabric around her arms. "You should make a blanket out of it, Elizabeth."
"Perhaps." I said skeptically. "I think we should go."
"Okay." my sister said with a sigh, pulling it off her shoulders.
After we checked out, Chrissa and I meet Mother outside and returned home.  It was so fun spending time with my sister at Joann's Fabric!
What's one of your favorite stores?

*The Doll Wardrobe is having their Summer Design Contest (see link below), and I'm entering! (  


  1. We love Joanne's, too :) I'm also entering in the Summer Design Contest! The Doll Wardrobe design contests are a lot of fun, have fun making your project :D

    ★ Shelby-Grace ★

  2. Nice photo-story! :) I enjoyed it. :D Good luck with the contest!

    Sophia <3

  3. I love Joann!!! I'm entering the Summer Design Contest, too! :)

  4. Great photo story! Good luck in the design contest. Don't forget to share your submission here so we know which one to vote for.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sorry I didn't mean to delete that! I meant: Actually, I just made a new dress for my dolls, you can see it on my blog! I'm sure yours will be fantastic!

  6. I love reading about your trips to Joanns! Cant wait to see what you made!

  7. I can't wait to see the dress you make! And I like a lot of stores. I couldn't say which is my favorite.

  8. Can u check out my blog? Thanks

  9. I started sewing making doll dresses when I was nine years old, my grandmother had been my mentor she is the one who introduced me to sewing.


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