Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy Independence Day + a Photo Shoot

 Hello, lovely readers, and Happy (late) Independence Day!  Chrissa and I have been staying with our grandparents at their condo this past week, and we have had so much fun!  Their condo sits by a river, so my sister and I discovered how much fun it is to sit on the dock, take off our shoes and dangle our feet out over the little waves.
Yesterday, the Forth, we walked out there just as the sun was setting, and thought everything was just right for a photo shoot.  Please enjoy!

Strangely enough, right after we all re-entered the house, it started to rain.  So, unfortunately, I didn't get to see any fireworks.  But more importantly, I spent time with my family, which is what really counts in the end.
How did you spend your Forth of July?


  1. We celebrated 2 of my sibling's birthdays, celebrated July 4th(duh:) did fireworks, had a big bonfire, and made smores!

  2. Beautiful Pictures!

  3. Thank you both for the compliments!

  4. Beautiful photos!! And Elizabeth's hair is just amazing!

  5. Really cute! Love Rissa's headband! And the other two are right, your pics are AMAZING!

  6. Great pictures! The both look very crisp and patriotic.

  7. Love the pics. I love the pics by the dock. Too bad it rained so you couldn't go see fireworks.
    Melodie from TN

  8. I luv the fadsome pics!
    ~Julie Grace

  9. Chrissa and you look so pretty! Our Fireworks display was postponed until the 7th because of Hurricane Arthur. We were so happy it was not cancelled all together. It was beautiful.


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