Monday, June 9, 2014

To the Mailbox

Hello, lovely readers!  Due to the large amount of rain in our area recently, my family had not picked up our mail in a few days.
Consequently, after lunch, I went to get it.  Chrissa would  have, but she was working on a birthday gift for our cousin, Liberty, whose birthday is on Wednesday.
I hooked up Sugar's leash so she could come along.  Her little legs needed the exercise!
I turned the nob, and we went out the door.
All that rain left the grass quite lush and green.
After a semi-short walk, I arrived at the mailbox ...
... and emptied it of it's contents.  Upon returning home, I unclasped Sugar's leash and sifted through the mail.  To my excitement, I found a letter addressed to me, as well as one for my sister.
"Chrissa!" I called upstairs. "Please come down!"
"Why?" she replied, curious.
"There's a letter for you from Kit P!"
"Okay; I'll be down in a sec!"
While I was waiting, I open the cute, colorful envelope.
And read the letter from my North Carolina pen pal, Kit P. (Chrissa and I call her that so as not to confuse her with our cousin Kit.)
"Where's my card?" Chrissa wanted to know when she arrived downstairs.
"On the counter." I said, gesturing to the kitchen.
"Thanks!" she replied, grabbing it and running back upstairs.  I finished reading my card, and look forward to writing a reply.
Do you like receiving or sending letters better?


  1. Both! Your hair looks pretty that way, Elizabeth. Oh, and it's been raining here too!

  2. You NEED to do a post on how you do your doll's hair! It's perfect!

    1. Yeah she should make a post on how to do her doll's hair! It's so cute! It's been rain here real hard and non-stop! I like receiving and sending letters! (or emails....if that counts :)

  3. Love the hairstyle and the dress is gorgeous.Great story and photos.

  4. Lovely photo story! I love reading each post. :) I really like receiving and writing letters.


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