Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekend sewing

I, Elizabeth, have been sewing over the weekend, so I thought that I would show the profit of my work.

First of all, we have Chrissa modeling her new pajama shorts.

You can see them a little better here.
Here are the slippers I made for my doll.
I also made a dress and cape.

I'm twelve years old, so some would consider me to old to play with dolls, but in my opinion, you can never be to old for dolls.

P.S. We are going on a trip, so it isn't likely that ether Chrissa or I can post during this week.


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  1. I must say, I love your blog! You are so creative and I look forward to every post! 12 is not too old for dolls. I am 14 and I found that my friends miss playing with dolls! Keep up the fantastic work!


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