Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A surprise for Chrissa

Greetings from me, Elizabeth!  I wanted to tell you about what happened this morning.  I was awake early this morning (which is completely normal for me) and decided to give Chrissa a 

Breakfast in Bed!  By the way, mine didn't look like this, but I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of the one I constructed.

When I was finished, I ascended the stairs and...
"Chrissa, wake up." I whispered.
"I'm up, I'm up.  Why did you wake me up so early?" Chrissa said groggily.
"Nine o'clock is not early, Chrissa.  Surprise!  I made Breakfast in bed for you!"
"Well, I don't mind getting up early for that."
"Enjoy!" I said with a smile.
Have you surprised anyone lately?
Do you think nine o'clock is early?


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~Elizabeth and Chrissa Edwards