Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Shopping Expedition

 Hello, lovely readers!  Yesterday afternoon, my sisters and I took a visit to Joann's, because I wanted to make my self a new outfit for fall.
"A golden knit for the sweater, I think, and a leaf pattern for the skirt." I explained as we entered the store.
"Hey, this looks like my shirt!" Chrissa exclaimed, pointing to a polka-doted fabric.
"It does!" Georgia agreed. "Not exactly, but pretty similar."
"Would you two help me find the fabric?" I asked.
"Sure, sure." Chrissa said, glancing down the aisles.
"How about this?" Georgia suggested, pulling out a sparkly knit.
"Err - I think not.  It's rather shiny." I replied.
"I was kidding!  Your face was priceless." she laughed.
We roamed down the aisles, getting slightly distracted (which is quite fun to do in Joann's).
"Oh, Elizabeth!  You should make me a shirt out of this!" Georgia said excitedly.
"Look - it's even 40% off!" she added. "My birthday is only a couple mouths away!"
"Georgia, don't you think that it's kind of early for that?  After all, your birthday's not until February." Chrissa said. "Even Christmas is sooner."
"This would be perfect for a Elsa dress.  Wouldn't it be cool if you made your own costume?"  Chrissa said, rubbing a icy blue material between her fingers.  "You would be a perfect Elsa for Halloween, Elizabeth."
"I don't think I'd like to dress as Elsa." I replied. "Making my own costume does sound fun, however."
"How about making Georgia and I costumes too?"
"Oh, Chrissa."
"Okay, you two have to admit that this would make a awesome cape." Georgia said, dramatically pulling some dark material around her shoulders.
"Yep!" Chrissa agreed.
We wander around, talking about costumes, fabric and (in my case) how there wasn't any suitable fabric for the sweater I wanted to make.
However, I did find a lovely fabric for the skirt, which you can see in the picture.  After paying, Mother came to pick us up and we drove home.
Do you making your own things, or buying them?


  1. Ahh...fabric shopping is so much fun ^.^ I love the fabric you chose for the skirt! I hope you find fabric for your sweater =) I make most of my dolls' clothes =)


  2. I love sewing for dolls, although it is sometimes hard to find the right fabric.

  3. I love sewing for myself. So much more fun than buying boring clothes like regular shirts or plain skirts. Although I must admit it is very hard to find the right fabric. And somethings like soccer uniforms or dressed with ruffles, pleats and layers are easier to just buy. I usually look at Hobby Lobby mostly because I can get a coupon, and they have a great selection. Have you looked in the leftover pieces area? I found a piece of cute fabric for $2-$3.
    Melodie from TN

  4. Both! I enjoy sewing, but it is fun to buy things too.

  5. Ooh I love fabric shopping, however I usually don't go to JoAnn's. I love sewing so I'd say making things :)

  6. Which pic do you mean for the fabric you bought. I'm a bit confused.
    Melodie from TN

    1. Melodie-
      In the last picture, there is a grey arrow on the left side of the picture, which is pointing to a orange vine fabric, which is what I bought. I hope this helps!

    2. Ok. I see it. Pretty fabric. Hard to the arrow. I can see why I didn't see it right off.

  7. I have that "Elsa" fabric:) Adorable photostory!

  8. I like when my family members make things for me, but I do sew sometimes. My dolls do not sew; however, they do have a lot of handmade clothes! I think it would be cool if Elizabeth made costumes for Chrissa and Georgia.


  9. I love going shopping for fabric. I like to think of it as an adventure. You never know what you'll find. Same with buying clothing, although I have to admit it's not as much fun. However, it is nice when you need something fancy, hard-to-make or just need something in a hurry. Overall, I have to admit that buying fabric to make clothes is so much more exciting, because you can choose the fabric, style and accent pieces to suit your style.
    A fan of the blog

  10. Looks so fun! I don't have enough experience as a seamstress to sew clothes yet, but will Hopfully learn soon :0) love the fabric you picked out, will make a cute skirt.
    - Zoë

  11. Oh, we LOVE fabric! We just need to stop collecting it and start sewing it! We have sooooo many "projects" waiting at our sewing machine and not nearly enough time to accomplish them!

    1. I know. I recently bought some fabric and I haven't even touched it. I just started making things out of fabric I bought at least four months ago.

  12. Love the fabric choice


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