Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April Showers and Spring Flowers

 Hi all!  I bet you have heard that saying "April showers bring spring flowers".  Or was it May flowers?
 Anyway, there was an April shower going on outside our house, so I decided to do a little drawing.
 I set up paper, an easel, crayons, and colored pencils.
 "What kind of flower should I draw?" I wondered aloud, staring at the black page.
 "I know!"
 "One, two, three, four, five pedals." I said as I drew them on my paper.
 "Now for some grass!"
 "And some clouds ..."  I slowly colored my picture.  
 After all, hast makes wast!
 Are you ready to see my "masterpiece"? (He - he)
 I'm not an amazing artist like my friend Saige, but it's fun to draw anyway.  I think I'm better a photography. ;^)
Do you like drawing?


  1. Not all the time! But sometimes, when I have nothing else to do I pull out some paper and pencils. I wish I had an easel like you! Were'd you get it?

    1. The easel Elizabeth's actually, but I think she got it at Target.

  2. Very pretty flower. Great photo story. Your colored pencils are just super.

  3. Lovely! I do a lot of drawing, but mostly in just pencil. Mainly LOTR drawings :)

  4. Very nice picture. :) And yes, I lovvvve to draw! lol

  5. Thanks! I didn't notice it before but I love your smiley face!

  6. LOVE your drawing. So happy! You might not think you are as good as Saige but we all have to start out somewhere and you're already GOOD so keep practicing and be sure to share with all of us! ~D3 Girls♥

  7. I love your flower. Lexi and I love to draw. Thank you for sharing your masterpiece with us.
    Melodie from TN

  8. Drawing is one of my FAVORITE hobbies! Along with pohotgraphy ;) You draw really well! ~Abigail♥


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