Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Walk in the Park

 Hi all!  Life has been a little cray-cray lately, so I am glad to be able to post again.  We are now in Colorado (and have been so since June 5).  This walk actually happened a couple weeks ago while we were still in Nebraska, but you can enjoy it all the same!
 After a yummy picnic dinner (that included the watermelon you see here), Nana, Papa, Mom, and Dad talked while my sisters and I walked around the park. 
 Georgia took the lead as we enjoyed the setting sun and soft light.
 Marching forward. :^)
 Along the path, we found some beautiful purple flowers.  They smelled like rain.
 "Come on, it would be fun!" I tried to convince my reluctant sisters.
"Don't you think we're a little old for tag?" Georgia said.
"I don't know, Chrissa." Elizabeth sighed.
"You know you want to!  Please?"
"Oh, very well."
 "Look out behind you, Chrissa!" Georgia warned as Elizabeth reached out to tag me.
"Georgia!" Elizabeth laughed as I bounded away. "I almost had her!"
 "Now where did she go?" Elizabeth said.  Little did she know I had climbed the tree.
 I laughed quietly - or so I thought!  Elizabeth squeezed my foot and smiled. "You're It!"
 After we finished our game, we walked over to a petite, pretty plot of daises.
How do you like to enjoy a summer's eve?


  1. Me my mom and my sister, read and my dad and brother play basket ball
    That's what we do!

  2. Georgia looks amazing <3

    - Ellie

  3. Awesome post! These pics are so pretty! Also it looks like you had so much fun :D

  4. Wonderful photos! Great adventure too. Everyone looks so pretty.

  5. Amazing photos! That watermelon looks delicious. And I agree with Chrissa - you are never to old to play tag! ;)

  6. Tomorrow I am going to CO! :)

  7. Anonymous - that sounds fun! I'm glad you can enjoy time with your family.
    Ellie - when I told Georgia, she thought you were too sweet! She says thanks.
    Lydia AGfan - Thank you! We did have fun :^)
    Libby - I miss you too!
    Melody Siverleaf - Thanks! Your kindness means so much.
    Charlotte - The watermelon was awesome. And so is tag!
    Bella - Have fun in Colorado!

  8. Wow. Looks so pretty. We have been at drama camp all week. My personal favorite thing to do on a summer evening is to watch Property Brothers on Netflix. I love thinking of New ways to decorate
    Melodie from TN


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